Special Offers
This Juice manufactured in the Bowman E Liquid labs & was founded by an experienced and enthusiastic member of the vaping community who felt disappointed with most of the e-juice he'd tried. He decided to offer an amazing vaping experience, with a choice of memorable flavours and the highest production standards possible - and so This Juice was born! So... why not grab yourself a bottle or two and vape on!

An instant memory of the perfectly spot on take on blue slush drinks (re-mastered)

A more awesome take on the strawberry chewy sweets.

Milk & Raspberry Chew
An excellent take on the famous Drumstick Lolly (re-mastered)

Pink Flamango
A pink lemonade that's blended to perfection with the flavours of mango and orange.

The Twist
An outstanding replication of the favorite twisted lime, creamy pineapple and Strawberry centered Ice cream treat. (no menthol or chill effect)

Toffee Fusion
A taste of the awesome toffee flavoured multi-coloured ice cream lollies with a cool, chilling effect.

Whammy Bar
A raspberry flavour for the reminiscent 90s kids.