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Nicotine dosage Guide

Nicotine Dosage Guide

The nicotine strength determines how strong the vaping experience will be. Higher nicotine will result in a stronger nicotine hit and satisfy cravings quicker (providing the strength is suitable) 

24mg - Usually recommended for heavy full strength cigarette and rolling tobacco smokers (30+ a day) 

18mg – Recommended for medium to heavy smokers (20-30 a day) with no existing medical conditions affecting lung function. 

11mg – Recommended for light smokers (10-20 a day) or those who smoke mild cigarettes. Also recommended for those with slightly impaired lung function. 

8mg – Recommended for very light smokers (0-10 a day), those who smoke a small quantity of mild cigarettes, or those with impaired lung function through conditions such as COPD and Emphysema. 

Please note that the above is only a guide, and at times, 

18mg may be the most suitable strength for a 30+ cigarette a day smoker while 11mg may be more suitable for a 10 cigarette a day smoker. 

Finding the perfect strength can often be a process of elimination. We recommend that you aim for a lower strength in lieu of a higher strength initially as it is more difficult to adjust to liquid that is too strong.