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MOMO E Liquids bring you premium top shelf e-liquid at an affordable price. Created in the UK using only the finest ingredients for a safer tastier vape.

PINK ME! by MoMo E Liquid (60ml Bottle) is fresh sweet, ripened strawberries plucked from the dreams of an angel, whisked to perfection with the creamiest milk from a thousand unicorns.

SODA LISH by MoMo E Liquid (60ml Bottle) is a great e liquid to hydrate your senses with the taste of summer all year round. Freshly squeezed lemonade.

SLAM DUNK by MoMo E Liquid (60ml Bottle) is a enchanting crunchy cereal, sprinkled with fruits from fairies. "Dunk" in a splash of delicious creamy milk from the pool of miracles.

DRIZZLE DREAM by MoMo E Liquid (60ml Bottle) Tantalise your taste buds and enjoy the flavours of a freshly baked lemon sponge cake straight from the oven, dusted with the sweetest brown sugar and drizzled with a zesty citrus lemon icing.

MoMo 6x10ml
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